Venture Point, Speke

The construction of four industrial units with a collective square footage of 78,500sqft. The site is adjacent a busy rail line which will necessitate a close working relationship with network rail and their inspectors throughout the project.

Prior to construction commencing ground remediation works had to be undertaken as the scheme involves extensive use of cement stabilisation to help aid the properties of the underlying strata. Extensive air and soil sampling will be conducted utilising the onsite laboratories which have been provided as part of the remediation scheme.

Externally for each unit there are individual service yards, car parking, hard and soft landscaping together with a new spine road into the development.

Contract Period 43 weeks
Contract Sum £4.9 million
Form of Contract JCT D&B 2011 with Client Amendments
Client Redsun Developments Ltd
Employers Agent C4Consulting
Architect C4Consulting
Engineer Muir Associates / KGA Associates
QS C4Consulting

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